Tuesday, 13 January 2009

English Classes for this year

This year you will have more and better opportunities to learn and practice your English. These are the courses I will be offering during the year.
  • Elementary, Basic, intermediate, high intermediate and advanced English: For anyone who would like to learn the language. At the end the goal is to present an ETS exam or any of Cambridge University.
  • English for different purposes: These courses are for people who will like to practice their English depending on their work field or necessity. It could be for people who will travel to an English country or Business English.
  • TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Michigan etc.: If you are interested in presenting an exam to study abroad of for any other purpose this is your course.
  • Conversation clubs: could be individual classes or group classes max 4 people. You must be level B2 from the common european framework.
  • SOON skype classes as the new classroom: for all of those who would like to have classes in their homes, and using the latest technology.
All classes could be one to one or group lessons. The group lessons are max 4 students. At the beginning of any course you will have a placement test with details of your exact level and a chat of your personal goals in your learning process. The teacher would tell the students suggestions and other aspects to take into account during the whole process.

The books and material are mainly from Cambridge press and Longman. In the classes I will give you material like copies, flash cards etc.

Also, there will be extra activities developed in different environments and that will help you have more confidence in the language.

For prices and other details you can write to englishhh@gmail.com or phone me to my mobile in Bogota Colombia 3158733781